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  • "One of my riding buddies sent me over to see Kevin over at Widman last year when I purchased a Tire and needed a few other things done to my Kids RM85. Not only did they do me a square deal, but GOSH they were so nice. No question was too dumb, they were able to get us up and running in no time. I recently had some carbureator trouble with a Honda Spree I bought back in 1985 (go figure 25+ years ond only a battery or 2 for all of that) and a guy I work with wanted me to use another establishement he goes to. I politely declined and called Kevin. He merely said bring it on by, ill get you fixed right up. Seriously there is a comfort level you get there that I have never had anyplace else here in St Louis. If you have work that needs to be done and want a square deal from honest folks, you have found the place."

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    Douglas Groom - St Louis, MO
  • "As you can see from my address, that I now live in Texas. However, I was born and raised in South St. Louis near Jefferson and Russel, so Widman Harley was a neighbor. When I returned from South East Asia in '70, I promptly walked in to your shop and bought a 1960 Duo-Glide. I pulled my wife's boot off, peeled off her sweaty sock, and produced 10, rather damp $100. bills. I don't remember the salesman's name, but he didn't even flinch. I guess in those days that was the normal method of payment. He threw in a pair of new helmets for me and the "old Lady" and filled the tank with gas...Ah, the good ole' days...My new scooter was beautiful. She was a former Shriner bike adorned with all the Masonic emblems and chromed, after-market "Parade Bike" accessories. Her sheet-metal was totally chromed and the seat and bags were white fringed leather....A real show-boat. But, she had miles.....Probably more than a hundred thousand, and she had that "Rode Hard, Put Away Wet" look...Some rust and a fair amount of corrosion, not to mention the oil and sludge in all her "Leaky" areas...But she was mine and she was beautiful. Within a week, I stripped her down to a " Fat-Bob", took off all the tin, except the tanks , put on pull-back apes, radical up-swept drag pipes, a 4' high sissy bar and a King and Queen seat on her. All of which, I bought used from your store. I brought some of my more corroded and rusty brackets and covers to your shop and you sent them out for chrome, not like today, where everything is hanging from a wall, ready to bolt on... She was my first of three Harley's I've owned. My current bike is a 2000-FLSTS, which I bought new . She looks a lot like my old pan-head, but there's no love like your first love. Mr Widman, your shop is an Icon of St. Louis, and a place of good memories for me and thousands more, I'm sure. I wish you good fortune and continued success, and personally thank you and your staff for your decades of great service to your customers."

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    Gary Jorcke - Martin's Mill, TX
  • "I recently had my 600 mile service performed on my Suzuki Boulevard C50, by Rob in the service department. My motorcycle club recommened Widman's service department and is even one of our club's sponsors. I was very impressed with the quality of service I received! My bike was given a very thorough checkup which I really appreciate! Any questions I had were promply answered and I wasn't made to feel like they were dumb questions. Everyone at Widman's was courteous and friendly, and I felt right at home the few hours I was there waiting for service to be completed. The friendliness and helpfulness of everyone at Widman's was a pleasant surprise and a very positive experience. I know I can trust any repair/maintenance work done by Widman's service pros! It is a good feeling to know my bike is in expert hands and know the work will be done right the FIRST time. Rob was very helpful and it was a pleasure dealing with him and the rest of the service department. He went the extra step in customer service and believe me, I have been in many repair facilties, both for cars and bikes, and Widman's is way ahead of the vast majority! I know I will be bringing my bike in for all scheduled service and any unforeseen mechanical problems in the future. My hat is off to Widman's and thank you just doesn't seem to be enough!"

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    David Schmidt - St. Louis, MO
  • "I had been visiting with Rawl and company for a few years just stopping by to see all the motorcycles. I finally bought the Boulevard M50 (Blue) and I am very pleased with everyone at the dealership and my new bike!!!!!!!!"

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    Anthony Stubbs - St. Louis, MO
  • "I had a great experience buying my first new motorcylcle at Widman. The whole process was fast and easy and I ended up walking out with a smile. There is a huge difference in atmosphere between Widman and other dealers. I definitely plan on going back to Widman for my next purchase."

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    Chris Medlock - St. Louis, WV
  • "Mr. Ron Widman, > > Sir, my name is Dennis Arnold. I know that means little to you, but > I just wanted to thank you for a positive way in which you influenced my > life. I rode motorcycles several years ago, but have been too busy > raising a family and working to continue pursuing the fun I know biking > can be. > I recently decided to get back into motorcycling, but knew that since it > had been so long since I had ridden I needed a refresher course. That was > when I stumbled across the "Basic Motorcycle Rider Safety" course taught > at Forest Park Community College. I completed the course just yesterday, > and was thrilled with what I learned and experienced. Since I had yet to > purchase a new bike, I knew I needed a re-training course which also > provided something to ride. The course I just completed was perfect. I > was also very impressed that all the bikes used for the course were > provided by your company. My instructor, Jeff Pittenger, told me you had > been providing the bikes for the course for some years now. Needless to > say, that impressed me all the more. I want to thank you very much for > providing those bikes and helping others to get to enjoy biking. Jeff > told me yours was the only company which had enough interest in the > program to go above and beyond in helping out. Jeff also told me that you > were the man to see when I felt I was ready for my next purchase. > Your name on all those safety course bikes has helped me make up my > mind where I will purchase my new bike. I intend to stop by your place of > business this coming Saturday (June 18th) to take a look at the bikes you > have and see what kind of deal we can work out. I am interested in a > cruiser style bike, something along the lines of your C50 Boulevard. I am > also interested in shaking your hand and thanking you personally. I will > ask for you when I come in this Saturday so I can do just that. I am > looking forward to meeting and doing business with you. > If I don't get the chance to meet you personally, I want to thank you > very much for your generous gift to those of us who want to learn to ride > safely."

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    Anonymous - ST. LOUIS, MO
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